Anno Weirdo

In this week’s column I reflect on new household laws, lessons in palindromes, and other strange moments of 2013.

All told, 2013 was… kind of a blur, actually. But a happy blur,  for the most part. We didn’t make any major life transitions like moving, changing jobs or adding kids this year. We finally potty-trained everyone, a feat I consider one of the great triumphs of my life. We also officially moved out of the toddler/three-year-old stage, which means our lives are at least 42 per cent more rational. We had an excellent family vacation in P.E.I. and an incredible parents-only vacation in New York, the highlight of my year. Some of us grew taller. One of us lost teeth, both by natural means and with the assistance of a trampoline dropkick. We completed a year of intensive therapy with our autistic daughter, and we’ve seen great strides in her speaking and social skills.

The next 12 months will bring more adventures. All of our kids will be school-aged by September, so we’re into a new phase of life. Who knows what comes next, but one thing’s for sure in our house: it won’t be boring.



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