Places My Son is Reading

Our oldest son is an avid reader. When he’s lost in a good book he will take it with him everywhere. We often find him reading in the strangest places. Hence, the following gallery:


He reads while he’s eating.


He’ll drop and read in the middle of the kitchen floor.


He reads while he’s walking. Sometimes while he’s on the stairs.


On the living room floor. He stopped to find a pillow this time.


On a moving carousel. It’s possible to enjoy the best of the playground without putting down your book.


Sometimes he will actually sit on the couch, as one typically does when one is reading…


…But sometimes he will just flop over the arm.


Any piece of furniture is suitable, really. All that matters are the words.


2 responses to “Places My Son is Reading

  1. Love this!! My 8-year-old is in the same phase at the moment. The book is with him always… every morning I’ll find him half-way through the process of getting dresses, but he has stopped to keep reading. Fills my heart with joy and pisses me off all at the same time!

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