Let’s Talk About Drinking

I didn’t get a chance to post my column yesterday, but here it is: this week I write about why we need to look at binge-drinking as a serious problem, for kids and adults alike.

I suggest that one step is to restrict alcohol advertising in places where youth might be watching or listening. Interestingly enough, on the same day my column was published, the Canadian Medical Association Journal released an article saying that alcohol ads have a negative impact on young girls in particular.

A teenager with a blog also read my article and shared some great thoughts from her perspective. (And yes, I commented at the bottom.) I agree with her point that teen drinking and partying is often treated lightly and even played for laughs  — think movies like Superbad, for example.

I got emails from a few doctors and health workers who thanked me for writing this column. We simply don’t talk about the dangers of alcohol enough. I don’t expect one column to change our culture completely, but hopefully I’ve at least helped start a discussion.


One response to “Let’s Talk About Drinking

  1. Thanks for your post! I’m glad other people are thinking about these issues. This is a hugely important topic. A couple months ago I posted a series of entries about alcohol in our culture on my blog. I had a couple of letters printed in the National Post, and one of my entries hit the front page of Reddit. My proposal is that we make alcohol go the way of tobacco: outlaw advertising, put graphic warnings on labels, and promote public education about the dangers of alcohol.

    Let’s keep the discussion going!

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