Things That End Up in my Pockets

One of the side effects of having four kids: I collect things. Not always on purpose. Not usually on purpose, actually. I pick things up off the floor. I confiscate them from children who are fighting over them, or using them in unsavoury ways.

At the end of the day, I often wind up with quite a collection.

Pocket 2

This was Friday’s assortment: a shaker egg (they were throwing it at each other), one AA battery, a knight’s headgear, and one wheel from a Lego replica of Tow-Mater from Cars.

When I emptied my pockets on Wednesday night, here’s what I found:


A green super-bouncy ball, a single Cheerio, a Lego trailer hitch, and the Imaginext knight who probably goes with Friday’s armour.

It’s different every day.


2 responses to “Things That End Up in my Pockets

    • Heh. I’ve had sort of the opposite happen: I arrive at the office and discover there’s a Lego minifigure and a Lightning McQueen toy in my work bag.

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