Things that happened at our house on Christmas:

The great annual stocking scavenger hunt. A few years ago, once our oldest boy could read, we started hiding the kids’ stocking and leaving them clues to find them. “How whimsical and fun,” you may be thinking—and it is. But the main reason we do it is to buy ourselves a few minutes to wake up like civilized people while the kids run around the house in a frenzy.

Still, we were up by 6 a.m.

The General ate a pack of Mentos and a Kinder Egg before the sun came up, then he started coughing and threw it all up. It’s not really Christmas until somebody barfs.

Best line of the morning goes to the Mastermind: “It’s not even 7:00 and we’re spoiled already!”


The Princess enjoys her new Play-Doh set.

Worst part of Christmas morning: trying to crack the plastic security system and intricate network of ties that ensnares EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. Also, trying to keep track of the approximately 900 tiny screws required to assemble the General’s train set.


He loves it, so it was worth all the assembly.

More fun construction task: Building with Lego. Lots and lots of Lego.


We kept it low-key most of the day. Grownups had a rotating schedule of naps. Some of us never got dressed. The Whirlwind ate Christmas dinner shirtless in his pyjama bottoms.

We always cook our turkey the same way: rub it with chili flakes, cover it with bacon and baste it maple syrup. It is the best. You can’t go wrong with bacon and maple syrup.

Final stages of Christmas day: Kids get wired and overtired, run around speaking gibberish until we wrangle them into bed where they fall asleep in minutes. Then we head back downstairs, take one look around and wonder where on earth we’re going to put all this stuff.

But it was a terrific day. The kids had a blast; so much excitement and joy. I hope you’re having a wonderful holidays too.


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