When kids play favourites

With yesterday being a holiday, I forgot to post this week’s column. This week I followed up on my column about having a favourite kid with the other side of the story: when kids have a favourite parent.

This hasn’t ever been a prolonged issue in our house. The kids are more likely to pick one of us based on the situation, rather than clear favouritism. For example, I have to tell the older boys a story at bedtime but then Mommy has to come in and give the Whirlwind a snuggle. Apparently I’m the superior dramatist but my snuggling skills are only second-best.

The kids will also go to the opposite parent out of self-preservation. If the General does something wrong and I get stern with him, he’ll turn on the waterworks and flee. “I want Mommy!” It works the other way too. They’re smart; they run for whichever parent was least likely to have witnessed the crime.

The key in all these situations, or whenever kids show favouritism: stay strong, and be on the same page.


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