Column Day. This week’s topic is transitions. September usually brings a host of changes for families — back to school, back to activities, back to routine. Some of these things go smoothly, and some… don’t.

We sent two kids off to preschool two days a week, which is going OK. The Princess loves it — she giggled through her whole first morning — but her little brother shed some tears when it came time to drop him off.

The two adventurers, ready for the wilds of preschool.

Our less-successful transition? Potty training. The General may be all smiles and cuteness above, but when you take his diaper off he turns into an ornery beast. He does. not. want. to. go. potty. And he tells us this with both words and actions. I coin a new phrase in today’s column: spite-peeing.

Someday he will use a toilet. All physically and mentally capable children do, eventually. This is what I keep telling myself.


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