Scenes from the Road

So we’re just back from our family vacation. We drove to Stratford, Ontario and back to visit my wife’s family.  That’s a 4,000-kilometre round trip with four kids. And we camped along the way, so during a two-week trip we spent the better part of six days together inside a van or a tent.

I’ll share more details in my column next Monday (shameless advertising!) but here are some scenes from the road.

The eager crew gears up for departure. Note how excited everyone looks.

We broke our drive up into three days and two nights each way.

Refreshment break, somewhere near Drummondville, Quebec.

We took lots of breaks to play and get our exercise.


The Princess scales the Monkey Bars.

Sometimes we got silly…

“Do we really have to get back in that van again?”

And sometimes we got very, very cranky.

This is what “I am SO done” looks like.

But we made it. We had a great visit with grandparents and relatives. We had adventures. We had fun. And I’d probably do it again sometime. Just not anytime soon.

Everyone out cold.



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