On the Value of Unplugging

Happy Canada Day weekend, and happy column day. This week I talk about why sometimes it’s good to know less, not more.

More to the point, I think we need to be deliberate about seeking wisdom and not just surfing on the never-ending tide of information. We have access to just about anything on the web now–the increasingly crucial challenge is to know what’s worth absorbing and what should be tuned out.

Interestingly enough,  in the same section as my article about the need to unplug, the Herald ran this article about social media making us crazy, or at least exacerbating our natural tendencies toward instability.

We fret about too much media being bad for our kids, but it’s not good for us either. We need to watch how much we consume.

Yes, I’m always aware of the irony when I write about things like this on my blog, for people to read online. It’s the OTHER stuff you need to tune out sometimes, not me…

But I do try to practice what I preach. So when we hit the road for vacation about 10 days, I’m contemplating a social media fast. See how I fare for two weeks without knowing what’s happening in the wide world of Twitter and Facebook.


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