Column Day. This week I talk about the importance of being flexible, or how the Flaming Lips saved my Father’s Day weekend.

Things don’t always work out how we want. This especially seems to happen to us on road trips, which I’ve written about here. But I’m sure some psychologist somewhere has done a study to prove that people who manage to go with the flow have more fun than those who don’t.

And sometimes misadventures are the best adventures. Years from now, we’ll have a good story about how we set out to see Radiohead but randomly wound up sharing a Saturday night with several thousand Torontonians and the Flaming Lips.


One response to “Curveballs

  1. I couldn’t agree more about flexibility. It’s not something we always achieve, but we do always try. I want my kids to roll with changes more easily than I always have, something which requires me to change for the better as well. But if I can learn to cope with a 7 year old who talks constantly and a 19 month old who stands on top of the furniture, I’ve got it knocked.

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