A Good Start

In this week’s column I talk about the importance of the early years in a child’s life. And I encourage people to share their thoughts on a new early childhood strategy underway here in Nova Scotia.

I hesitated a bit before writing this one, because I’m working for the province right now and I didn’t want to sound like I was just touting the company line, so to speak. But I really, genuinely think this is a good thing and I hope it gets the full support and investment it deserves.

All the research shows that kids develop at an exponential rate in the earliest years of their life. I once heard a psychologist say that young children’s brains form one million new synapses a second. It’s the most important stage of their development.

And as I mention in the column, we’ve seen first-hand what a difference it makes to give a kid a good start in life. I’ve shared our daughter’s story before — we adopted her from Rwanda, and those first nine months before she joined our family have had huge implications in her development.

So early years are important, and a logical place for governments to invest. If you’re  aNova Scotian, weigh in with your own thoughts here.


One response to “A Good Start

  1. For sure, the early years are critically important. I have seen it in many families and also our own. Though our teenage daughter went through some challenges in the 14- 19 year old time frame, it was what she learned when she was young and that she was loved and knew that she had a sense of belonging that has and continues to keep her in a good place. Parents need the support to take the time and invest in their kids. I believe that the social fabric of our communities has been eroding over the years….families need other families especially in the early years to build each child. I am thankful that the province is investing in the future in this way. Coworkers have been raving about the program.

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