At Home

Column day. This week I highlight some of our favourite places to explore here in Nova Scotia.

In other news, we made the big move this week and we’re settling into our new house. There are still boxes and random piles strewn everywhere, but we’re here. And it feels like we’re home.

The view from the backyard.

We bought our last house fully expecting it to be a temporary stop. We had a five-year plan, though it turned out we were there almost four years to the day. (Kids #4 showed up sooner than we were expecting, so that accelerated things a bit.) It’s a great house and it served us well… but I’m quickly realizing in our new house that it’s a different feeling when you land in a place where you’re expecting to stay. I think Shawna and I both had an “Aaaaah” moment this weekend. The last few months have been pretty hectic — OK, our lives are always hectic, but moving just added an extra layer of crazy. But now, though there’s still tons to do, we both just seem more relaxed.

The kids are all adjusting, but they’re doing well and they love the new place. (Even X, who was dead-set against moving at first.) It’s nice for all of us to have a bit more space. We have a great big yard that borders on woods with a stream. It’s a place where the kids can explore and have adventures.

It’s also a great place for having people over. Around dinnertime on moving day, once the hard work was done, I sat on the deck barbecuing hamburgers. I counted seven or eight cars in the driveway and somewhere around 20 people in the house and the yard… and yet it never felt full. There’s space to roam. We haven’t had that in a while, and I’m excited about it.


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