Mother’s Day Adventures

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. Especially, of course, to my own favourite ladies–my mom and my wife, who are both superstars.

We had an eventful Mother’s Day. It started around six a.m. when the oldest crept into our room to wake me up to help him make breakfast for Mommy. I tried to explain, in my quietest voice, that Mommy would appreciate it very much if we let her sleep in and therefore it was way too early to make breakfast. He and I had an extended whisper-fight, but in the end I chased him off and bought another half-hour of sleep.

We served breakfast around 7:30–bacon, eggs, toast, tea, and peaches O. picked out special at Pete’s Frootique on Saturday. X made Shawna a Mother’s Day card out of Lego and gave her a ticket to the gymnastics show he then staged in his sister’s bedroom. Much tumbling ensued.

It was a phenomenal day, warm and sunny, so we decided to play hooky from church and head downtown to take part in Open City. We hit the brand-new submarine playground on the waterfront for the first time, ate fish and chips for lunch, climbed the anchors in front of the Maritime Museum, and just generally had a blast.

I realized just how rarely we take poor little G., our 2 1/2-year-old, into the city. He gawked at everything. “Ooh look! A boat! Another boat! Hey, there’s some birds!”

The General explores the big city.

We topped off our excursion with half-price ice cream. Well, three of us opted for ice cream, while the others went for suckers and Nerds. But the ice cream store happens to be directly next to the beach volleyball pit, which is essentially a giant sandbox. When you mix children, candy and sand,  you get a mess. G dropped his sucker directly in the sand a couple of times, but that didn’t really stop him from eating it.

We headed home tired, warm and sticky. Two kids fell asleep before we crossed the bridge. All in all, it was a perfect Sunday outing. “Well,” the oldest remarked, “that was an adventure.”

Supermom and the brood, all happily engrossed in sweet things.


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