It’s not only column day, it’s Birthday Day. Our oldest turns seven today. His birthday always makes me feel nostalgic, and also a little bit old. Everyone always tells you how fast time goes when you have kids and after a while it starts to sound like a cliche–but it’s true. I can’t believe it’s been seven years already.  At the same time, I can hardly remember life before him. My wife and I were saying this morning it seams like a different lifetime ago.

In my column I imagine what I’d say to my pre-fatherhood self if I could travel back in time, Hollywood-comedy style. I felt pretty prepared to have kids seven years ago, but you quickly discover there’s a whole lot to it that they don’t tell you in most parenting books.

Birthday boy! (For the record, we're not that cheap... he just doesn't really like cake. So we went with mini-cupcakes instead.)

Here’s what I wrote last year on his birthday. It’s all still true. He continues to surprise me, amaze me, occasionally drive me mental, and routinely challenge the way I see the world. He can still throw a heck of a tantrum, but sometimes we get hopeful little glimpses of his budding maturity.

He asks some great (and hilarious) questions. Yesterday we were driving to my parents’ house for Easter dinner, and he suddenly asked, “If Easter is about celebrating Jesus rising from the dead, why do we look for chocolate eggs?” (I still haven’t figured that one out myself.)

Also, the boy bakes muffins. This is an added bonus.



One response to “Seven!

  1. Chad, it was on my daughter’s 4th birthday that I realized I feel older on her birthdays than I do on my own. Last January she turned 13, and boy do I feel old…I am the parent of a teenager!!

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