Public Meltdowns

In today’s column I talk about every parent’s favourite situation: when your kid freaks out in public. And I share three easy steps to make sure your kid never has a meltdown in front of strangers.

Just kidding. Unless you have sired some sort of rare angelic being, there is no preventing the public tantrum. You never know when one might strike; you can only hope to contain it.

Last Sunday we had one of those great days where three out of four kids lost it in church. At one point during the sermon I heard one kid cry from the nursery and thought, “Oh, that sounds like mine.” Then I heard another kid yelling in the basement stairwell and thought, “Great. That one’s mine too.”

Fortunately everyone at church knows us well enough that they’re already aware we’re a travelling zoo, so it’s not a big deal.

And hey, it could be worse. I’ve never had anything on the scale of this guy.

(This ad is comic genius, though I don’t think it ever aired on TV, for obvious reasons.)


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