Playing by the Rules

Column Day. Today I talk about how kids love rules… their rules, not our rules. Read it here.

Making up rules is one of the ways kids figure out how the world works, and gain some sense of control over their environment. Even my two-year-old has figured this out. We don’t call him “The General” for nothing.

Lately he’s my little spokesman. I’ll tell one of the other kids something, and then he’ll stand at the top of the stairs and holler it after them. “You’re supposed to be getting your jammies on!”

It’s pretty darn cute, though I’m sure his brothers will find it annoying very soon.

Speaking of the General, I took him for his first barbershop haircut this weekend. Or I tried to, anyway… it did not go well. There was a lot of yelling and crying, and he came home with the same unruly mop of hair he had when he left.

He did get a haircut eventually: I broke out the clippers and gave him a good buzz. Saved about $13, but there were just as many tears involved and we covered the kitchen in hair.

If you’re keeping score, I have one kid out of four who does not lose his/her mind when it comes to haircuts. My daughter even hates it when you touch her hair. We gave her dreadlocks just so we wouldn’t have to comb it all the time–it was torture, for both of us. (Well, that and dreads look pretty cool on an African three-year-old.)

So if anyone has any great tips on how to convince a kid to get a haircut, I’m listening.


One response to “Playing by the Rules

  1. I really look forward to your column. We have two adult sons, and enjoy
    reminiscing about the fun times of their childhood. I find that things and
    occasions with bringing up children has not changed!

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