Five Rules of Family Hiking

It was a sunny, springlike day here so we took the kids for a walk on a trail not far from our place. We had lots of fun and enjoyed some good fresh air and exercise, which helped everyone conk out at bedtime. But there are always a few things to consider when taking your offspring hiking:

  1. You will spend more time off the path than on it. This is OK – the point is discovery, not distance.
  2. Everyone will need a stick.
  3. Everyone will get their pants wet.
  4. The biggest kid will be the first one to start complaining that he’s tired.
  5. Turn around while everyone is still happy. It’s always a long piggyback ride back to the car.

(See?  Sticks are important.)


One response to “Five Rules of Family Hiking

  1. Similar to our rules, just add 6. Bring lots of band-aids and tissues. Some one always ends up with a cut and/or nose bleed.

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