Word to the Absurd: Return of the Ridiculous

It’s been a while, but here’s another collection of randomly funny things that have come out of our children’s mouths. As always, these are actual conversations.

Xander: What’s for dessert?
Shawna: How about vanilla yogurt.
Xander: What? Yogourt is not a dessert-friendly item.

Me: Are you excited for pajama day at preschool tomorrow?
Oscar: Yeah! No underwear!
Me: Whoa. I don’t think that’s part of the deal.

Xander: That picture reminds me of a barfing unicorn.

Shawna: Oscar, those pants are getting small on you. It might be time to get rid of them.
Xander: Let’s sell them!
Oscar: What? These are my baking pants! You can’t sell my baking pants!

Me: Careful with your head. You’ll hurt your brain.
Oscar: Don’t be crazy. That’s what I have a nice hard skeleton for.

Xander: Let the drawing of the moustaches begin!


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