“First Christmas”

It’s Holiday Central here in Lucasland. We have several very excited little people who are anxiously counting down to Christmas.

But this weekend we celebrated “First Christmas,” as the Mastermind dubbed it. Shawna’s parents have been in town for a couple of weeks and they leave tomorrow to spend Christmas with Shawna’s brother and his family in New Brunswick. We had Round 1 of Christmas on Saturday, so they could see the kids open the gifts they gave them.

The big hit, of course, was Lego. The Mastermind is into Star Wars, so he got the Naboo Starfighter Anakin flies in the Phantom Menace. It’ s a very cool-looking ship. And the Whirlwind loves Cars, so he got a set with Lightning McQueen and his Mack Truck.

The Whirlwind actually sat at the table and built this entire set. It took him more than three hours, which is by far the longest he’s ever sat in one place. He wouldn’t let me help either, except for a couple of times when he admitted that “I think I got confused.” But I was really impressed he did so much by himself.

We also discovered that the General really, REALLY likes opening presents. His birthday was two months ago and he was just starting to grasp the idea of gifts, but on Saturday he wanted to unwrap everything, for everybody. It was a good practice run: now we know we can’t put anything under the tree until they’re all asleep on Christmas Eve, or else the General will be all over it.

In other Christmas news, our annual gingerbread construction is bigger and better than ever. This year the boys decided we should have a gingerbread castle, complete with moat, cookie knights armed with swords, and a king wearing a crown. Naturally, Shawna rose to the occasion and constructed a masterpiece.

The moat is made of blue Jell-O. If you look to the right, you’ll see the king having a swordfight with a cookie knight. Or bandit, who knows. And those are gummy fish in the moat. We take our holiday decorating seriously around here.


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