Preschooler Purgatory: A Handy Quiz

This week’s column: I’ve devised a quiz to help you determine if you’re trapped in Preschooler Purgatory. It’s that wonderful stage of life when your small kids completely take over your worldto the point where you neglect basic things like socializing with other adults, or hygiene.

Read it here. 

(In case it’s not obvious, just about everything on the list has applied to me at some point.)


One response to “Preschooler Purgatory: A Handy Quiz

  1. As a parent with 4 kids I loved your article about the sometimes isolating world we live in when we have small kids, especially a herd. We don’t entertain very often but when we do one important point you missed is finding yourself cutting up your guests food. Both my husband and
    i have found ourselves in that embarrasing situation, as if it’s not bad enough we have mismatched china and plastic cups we also serve our guests cubed food ! Love your column , keep up the good work and stay sane.

    Paula Buxton

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