The Inquisitors

Column Day. Today I talk about one of my favourite aspects of parenting: watching my kids constantly discover new things. For instance, our two-year-old has recently become aware of the existence of the moon. It has rocked his world.

Read it here.

Perhaps the most curious kid in our house right now is the Whirlwind. He is a never-ending stream of questions, ranging from absurd to incredibly profound.

I kept a bit of a running tally yesterday of the things he asked me. It’s by no means an exhaustive list–I’m not even counting all the times he asked “what does this do?” or “What do these letters spell?” But after the jump I give a small sample of the thoughts whirring around in his almost-five-year-old head.

This boy approached a Guiness World Record yesterday for "most questions asked while putting on a pair of shoes."

Why are words spelled different in French?

Why do cars have air conditioning?

What happens if you drink the coolant?

How many days is it till Christmas?

How many days after Christmas until it’s Christmas again?

Is Jesus born every Christmas?

How old is Jesus?

Is infinity bigger than 10,000?

Don’t you have any good rough music?*

Do coconuts grow in Canada?

What countries have coconuts?

Are there rattlesnakes in India? I’m afraid of countries with rattlesnakes.

Can you kill a rattlesnake?

What would happen if you put two rattlesnakes in a jar? Would they try to eat each other?

Why do we wear poppies to remember people who died in the war to help us be free?

How come people died if we won the war?

What would have happened if the other side won?

As you can see, he just never stops. It’s both tiring and fascinating all at once.

*Note: we came to mutual agreement that the guitar solo in Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” qualifies as good rough music.


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