You can Take Halloween, Just Leave Me the Candy

Column Day. Today’s timely topic: why I’m not a fan of Halloween, especially the mass marketing campaign that goes with it. Read it here… if you dare.

I’ve taken some ribbing for this one today, but I’ve had just as many people say to me, “Thanks for saying that out loud.”

We still enjoy the best parts of the night, though. The two older boys dressed up as ninjas and we went to a party at our church. They ate a ton of candy, I ate all the cupcakes they won in the cake walk and didn’t finish, and we didn’t have to spend an hour freezing our behinds off in the street.

Ready for looting action.

At the end of the night when the boys came home and dumped their candy on the kitchen table, Xander surveyed the stash and declared, “Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered.”


One response to “You can Take Halloween, Just Leave Me the Candy

  1. I enjoyed your column on Halloween and think your idea of a party is a lot more fun for everyone….one of my granddaughters has a life threatening allergy to tree nuts and peanuts…..having a party and choosing safe and nutritious foods would benefit all involved….hopefully next year

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