The General Turns Two

Column Day! We celebrated our youngest boy’s birthday yesterday, and this week I look back at how his arrival totally upended our lives… in the best possible way. Read it here.

He celebrated in fine style yesterday, by eating most of a bag of chips and entirely too much chocolate and yelling and jumping up and down and playing with trains.

The birthday boy in his chocolate-covered glory.

The thing that amazes me about Gidders, besides the fact he’s so darned cute, is that he’s so incredibly different from the others. He and Oscar share a bit of physical resemblance, but personality-wise they’re very distinct.

In the Twitterverse today I came across a tweet from  HRM Parent that linked to a blog post (from a computer geek, no less) which unearths some great insights about the things we learn from our kids. (With some PG-13 language involved, so be forewarned if that sort of thing offends you.) But he makes one of the same points I made in my column today: if you stop and think about it, it’s pretty  astonishing that we are capable of producing complex living beings, full of deep thoughts and emotions. It’s certainly not something to take for granted.

You think you’d get adjusted to that fact after you’ve been a parent for a while, but the weight of it still hits me all the time. As listen to Gideon laughing or Oscar’s nonsensical stories about his day that are usually 76 per cent fiction, I get this funny feeling in my chest and I think, How did this happen? How did this odd and wonderful little being spring up out of nowhere? And how lucky am I that I get to hang out with him? 


One response to “The General Turns Two

  1. Great post. I have a two-and-a-half year-old and one on the way…in all of the craziness, my wife and I still can’t help but wonder how we “made” that imaginitave little booger (term of endearment, of course).

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