Digging a Hole

First off, it’s Monday. This week’s Herald column may look familiar to anyone who’s been reading the blog since the beginning – it’s an updated, revised version of my Family Laws of Astrophysics.

On another note, we’re in the middle of a big landscaping project at our house. When we moved in three years ago, the tiny front yard we share with our neighbours was all mulch. We’ve come to a consensus that we’d be better off with grass, so over the past week we dug up all the mulch in preparation for a load of sod this weekend.

I was pleasantly shocked at just how much the boys got into it. Sure, most boys like playing in dirt, but they did a lot of work. The oldest in particular spent hours shovelling mulch into a wheelbarrow. He was out there almost till dusk last Friday – we didn’t have the heart to make him go to bed because he was saving us so much labour. And he was back out bright and early on Saturday morning.

Child labour is a wonderful thing.

We’re now in Phase 2: our front yard is just a slab of dirt, and this afternoon a dump truck dropped off a three foot high mound of topsoil. I’m pretty sure this is Oscar’s version of heaven: his own massive pile of dirt. He would have played in it all night if we let him.

Happiness is your own personal hill of mud.

So we have a huge dirt pile in our yard, a four-year-old boy, and we’re supposed to get 30 millimetres of rain tonight. Tomorrow could be interesting.


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