The Many Hats of Parenting

Column Day! This week I talk about how raising a big family requires playing a lot of different roles. For example, in the two hours since I arrived home from work tonight, I’ve already scrubbed bloodstains out of my dress shirt, played a rousing game of “Does This Flesh Wound Need Stitches?”, cleaned up a literal blue lagoon from the middle of the kitchen table (there was a melting block of dyed ice involved – don’t ask), and replaced a broken light bulb that lasted all of four minutes before Oscar broke the replacement. Honestly, I don’t even know why we own lamps.

Anyhow, if you’d like to know all about how I love spending time with each of my adorable little darlings, you can read it here.

(In case you’re curious, the answer is no… just a punctured lip, very messy but not as bad as it seemed once it stopped bleeding.)


2 responses to “The Many Hats of Parenting

  1. Really enjoying your columns. Keep up the good work. We’re also one of those busy households with three adopted children (6, 8, and 9). We know of the amazing hugs, and the breakthroughs and milestones, and the fighting, and the “thermodynamics”….and all the joys they bring to your lives. Cheers!

    • Just read the column and wanted to say thanks – it brought a big smile to my face to see someone else going through this. You know what they say – nothing makes you feel better about your kids then watching someone elses kids misbehaving, or maybe it’s just me that thinks that? Either way, Thanks! Shared it with my Klassy Kids facebook page for others to enjoy too!

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