The Many Faces of the Whirlwind

Few things fascinate me as much as my four-year-old’s face. Everything he’s thinking and feeling comes out in his eyebrows, his lips, the way he scrunches up his cheeks.

He emotes with his whole body–he does this great exasperated sigh, with his shoulders hunched like Charlie Brown, that cracks me up every time. But his face is a work of art.

He can run through a dozen different expressions in five seconds. Tonight he was drinking a Slushie and he made what I think was a “brain freeze” face. It was so indescribably amazing that Shawna and I just looked at each other and cracked up laughing. I wish I’d had the camera handy to catch it. But here’s a sampling of some of his other great expressions.

Enjoying his favourite food.

Sizing up a project.



Armed and dangerous. And chocolatey.

Watermelon Redux: The Ecstasy.



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