Business Talk

Thirty seconds after I got home today, I had the following conversation with my six-year-old.

X: So Daddy, I have a new plan. Want to hear it?

Me: Sure.

X: You know those granite rocks I found at the beach? I’m going to make stuff out of them. And sell it for $60.

Me: Wow.  You’re going high-end, are you? Why $60?

X: I want to buy the Battle for Geonosis  [a Lego set], and that costs $40. It would just be nice to have $20 left over.

Me: Yeah, it is nice when that happens.

X: I figure I need a job. I’m not getting money fast enough. All I have is about $15.

Me: Well, you’re six. You don’t need that much money.

X: Sure I do. So every week I’m going to collect more rocks, and on Mondays I’ll take them to my friend Josh and he’ll make them into stuff for me.

Me: Your friend Josh? You mean your Uncle Josh?

X: Yeah, Uncle Josh. He has lots of tools in his garage. He can make things for me.

Me: So now Uncle Josh is going to make things, and you’re going to sell them and get all the money? That’s quite the plan.

X: Not all the money, Daddy. I’m going to pay him. Probably I’ll pay him $7, because that’s only 700 cents and I can afford that.

Me: Oh. Glad to see you’ve got this all worked out.

X: So anyway, now that I have a job I need a cellphone.

Me: What?

X: People need cellphones for their jobs. You have a Blackberry for your work. So I need a phone.

Me: I’m not ready for this conversation. I need a few more years before you start asking me for a phone.


2 responses to “Business Talk

  1. Sounds like my kiddo – he’s been asking for a cellphone since he was about that age. I finally relented and gave him a (used, prepaid) cellphone last Christmas and it rocked his world.

  2. very entertaining stories. as the father of 4 kids under 6 (actually all under 5 at one point) I feel your joy/pain.
    take care

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