Little Milestones

There have been lots of little things to be happy about around our house lately. In the day-to-day of family life, sometimes it’s the small victories, the things you don’t even notice at first, that make a big difference.

For one, the two oldest boys are suddenly close friends. On my last day of the holidays before I went back to work, I hardly saw them until 10 a.m. They spent the first three hours of the day going from building a Lego world to playing a game to colouring together—all without a single argument or any need for parental intervention. It was amazing.

They still have their occasional fights, usually something Xander does that has Oscar wiping tears from his eyes and yelling, “You’re being a bad brother and I’m mad at you right now!” But for the most part they’re getting along very well and keeping each other entertained, which goes a long way.

And the things they come up with are hilarious. There are a lot of heroes and bad guys and epic battles happening in our house. The other day Oscar ran into the kitchen and yelled to Xander, in all seriousness, “Come quick! Your entire planet is about to be destroyed!”

Maliah is also interacting more with her brothers. Sometimes, at bedtime, the kids have what is known as “the party.” All four of them pile into Maliah’s crib and roll around. Maliah thinks this is hilarious. She giggles her face off while they flop in her bed, and she’s always sad when it’s over. And tonight I saw her do something she’s never done before; she wanted Xander to do something so she grabbed him by the shirt and tried to drag him across the dining room. She’s always pulling on Shawna and me, but she doesn’t usually do that with the boys, so it was neat to see.

Gideon is on the verge of talking; he has a few recognizable sounds, like “mana” for banana, and “EE-ya” for Maliah, and “ma-ma-ma”, which can mean either milk or Mum-mum cookie or Mommy, depending on what he wants in the moment. But his first real word and the clearest thing he says is “Da-da.”

There’s no doubt about what he’s saying, because he always points at me and smiles when he says it. It’s usually the first thing I hear when I come home from work. He’ll run to the top of the stairs, point at me and say “Da-da” until I come pick him up. Even if he’s in his high-chair, he’ll start yelling Da-da as soon as I walk in. It’s very sweet. He and I have a lot of fun right now.  He goes out of his way to do goofy things to make me laugh. He has excellent comedic timing for a 14-month-old. I just need to train him to stop putting oatmeal in his hair.


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