‘Tis the Season

The Christmas spirit has engulfed our house. Actually, it’s more like a Christmas frenzy. The two eldest boys are old enough  to get swept up in the fever of the season, and for the better part of two weeks they’ve been on some sort of sugar- and adrenaline-fuelled manic binge of hyperactivity.

Last night I had to take them out to do a lap around the neighbourhood before dinner, because they literally could not sit still enough to eat. We went out to look at Christmas lights, but Oscar just ran the whole time, flapping his arms and giggling hysterically for no apparent reason.  I think if I could hook some wires to him, he could actually power all the lights on our block right now. He’s practically vibrating with excitement. This morning he managed to get his pants on the top of the Christmas tree.

I’m just trying to enjoy their excitement and see things from their eyes. I think Christmas morning is going to be a lot of fun around here. As an adult it’s easy to get overwhelmed this time of year. I had to pick up some last-minute things today, and by the end I was exhausted. Every time I spend an hour in the mall in December, drifting around in a sea of plastic, it makes me want to become a monk.

But for the kids it’s a thrilling time. I’m trying to help them keep some perspective, that it’s not just all about presents, but I want them to have fun too. And I want to capture some more of their joy.

One of the many Christmas projects going on in our house. This year's model features a garage.


2 responses to “‘Tis the Season

  1. Chad,
    Not sure if you remember me — our paths crossed years ago, when I was at the Daily News and you were at the Herald.
    I had to drop you a note and let you know how much I love your blog. (I happened upon it when John Gillis linked to it one day on Facebook.)
    I laugh out loud (while nodding my head) at so many of your observations about parenting. We have two little girls, so we’re not nearly as busy as your family, but we can so easily get caught up in the effort of “doing for” the kids and forget to take time to savour it. Reading your blog helps remind me to enjoy this time with them. It’ll be gone all too quickly.
    So, thanks for that. Merry Christmas to the adventuring Lucases.
    Cheers, Rachel.

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