Random stories from Lucasland

There’s no overarching theme to tonight’s post, just a buffet of bite-sized stories on recent happenings around the Lucas household. Enjoy!

The Peas are Greener…

For some reason, children often think that food on someone else’s plate tastes better than the food on their own. Oscar used to steal my breakfast all the time, and now Gideon is developing a similar habit. He hollered at me the other night at supper until I picked him up, and then he ate peas off my plate by the handful. Put peas on his high-chair tray, though, and he’ll just pick at them. They’re far more delicious if they’re stolen from Daddy.

Get with the Times

I used to like the end of Daylight Savings Time; it meant an extra hour of sleep. Now it just means that everyone wakes up super-early. And for the first time in my life, I completely forgot all about it last weekend. We were out at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday night, Gideon woke us up on Sunday around 6 a.m. (or so we thought…) and we went about our morning routine until Xander called my mother just after seven. My parents are usually early risers, so I didn’t think this would be an issue… but Xander came into the kitchen with the phone and said, “Nana said to tell you it’s only 6:15.”

Shawna and I just looked at each other and laughed. Parent Brain Syndrome strikes again.

On the plus side, after waking up at 5 a.m., all the kids conked out within minutes at bedtime.


Ego Check

Every parent wants their kid to have a healthy sense of self-esteem, and that’s certainly not an issue with our oldest. He’s prone to pronouncing that he’s “awesome” at things, or even “the best.” And he is smart, but sometimes I think we might have to rein in his opinion of himself a little bit. Last week Shawna took video games away from him for a day for some misdeed, and naturally he didn’t like that.

“You can’t treat me this way,” he said. “I’m not a regular kid, you know.”

As we tried very hard not to laugh, we explained that he’s still regular enough that he has to listen to his parents.


Voice Recognition

One neat development with Maliah’s hearing is she’s definitely starting to recognize my voice. When I call her name, she’ll turn and look at me. I’m excited about this not only because I’m actually getting a response, but because she stops what she’s doing—which usually involves banging on the side of the stove as loudly as she can. I guess she’s trying to make up for spending her first 21 months in sheer silence, because she’s now a minature toddling wall of noise.


My new personal assistant

As I mentioned in my last post, Oscar has developed a real empathetic streak in the last little while. It’s very sweet to see how much he thinks of others. Yesterday morning I was saying my goodbyes before work when he stopped me and said, “But Daddy, you didn’t pack your lunch yet!” He opened the fridge and started searching for food to give me. I told him I was going out for lunch with friends, but he still made sure I packed myself a couple of snacks.

“Now Daddy,” he said as he gave me a granola bar, “be sure to share this with all your friends.”


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