First Birthday!

A year ago tomorrow, Gideon made his grand entrance. True to his personality, he arrived in a hurry. Shawna woke me up around 3 a.m., we arrived at the hospital around 3:30, and just after 6 a.m. last October 23 we were holding this little superstar.

Gideon, 5 days old

He’ll celebrate his birthday with a fat lip. Xander accidentally bonked in him the face yesterday and blood went everywhere. But I suppose that’s fitting too, being the youngest and Boy #3. He’s one rough-and-tumble little guy. The older boys and I were having swordfights with rolled-up newspapers the other night, and Gideon wrestled a newspaper away and started whacking me with it. A few weeks ago, Xander’s bike was leaning against a fence at the playground and Gideon climbed right up, sat down on the seat and held onto the handlebars like he was going for a ride. He’s one going on six, I think.


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