A Pharaoh, Three Robbers, and a Scary Mummy

It’s one of those busy weeks where I haven’t had much spare time or mental energy to devote to blogging. In between all my birthday celebrations I’ve been chugging away at some upcoming freelance assignments (on top of my day job), plus preparing a message for Sunday as I’m the pinch-hit preacher at our church this week.  I’m also revisiting the novel I’ve been working on after drawing some actual interest from someone in the publishing world who A) likes the characters and the first 60 pages but B) essentially wants me to overhaul the rest of the book.

So my brain, it is full.

Luckily for you, dear blog readers, I have a five-year-old who is very into making up stories about ancient Egypt right now. The rest of this post is brought to you almost entirely by Xander, with transcription and artwork assistance from the creative wizard known as Mommy.

Once there was a Pharaoh riding on a camel in the desert. The pharaoh saw three jewels for sale at the market. There was a green jewel, a red jewel and a gold jewel. The pharaoh wanted the gold  jewel, so he bought it.

The pharaoh saw three people stealing the mummy’s jewels. The pharaoh touched a tiny pebble and a nice fancy getaway car appeared. Before the king drove away in the getaway car, he wrapped the robbers up like mummies and put them in a sarcophagus.

A few days later, somebody heard a big crack. The pharaoh went to see what it was.  He stared at the coffin. He saw a tiny crack. He could see a little white thing in the coffin and then a scary mummy came out. And the mummy went all over town looking for girls.

The pharaoh touched his tiny pebble and the getaway car appeared again. Then he threw away his hat. He wasn’t really a pharaoh at all. He saved the princess and ran over the mummy in his car.

The End.

Not bad, huh? Not only does it have a twist ending, it contains one sentence so brilliant I’m actually jealous: “And the mummy went all over town looking for girls.” I’m totally stealing that.


2 responses to “A Pharaoh, Three Robbers, and a Scary Mummy

  1. In a similar vien, check out Axe Cop
    http://axecop.com/ – comic written by a five year old and illustrated by his 29-year-old brother. The combination of the professional-looking comic art and the randomness that comes out of five-year-olds makes for surreal reading.

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