Meet Team Lucas

These are the four small people who have taken over our house. They confound us, amaze us, and drive us crazy like no other human beings can. They also make us laugh until we can hardly stand up and fill us with joy that we get to do this really cool thing called parenthood.

Xander, on the left, is the oldest. Curious, creative and extremely clever; possibly a budding architect. At Christmas his gingerbread houses have full plumbing systems built out of candy canes. Told a nine-year-old at the park today, “My Lego inventions are always symmetrical.” Has a logical explanation for everything and is thoroughly convinced of his own genius. Recently informed his brother: “Soon I’ll be smart enough to control you with my mind.”

Favourite things: Lego; riding his bike; pretending to be a secret agent; inventing elaborate games with rules that only a lawyer could follow.

Motto: “I have a plan.”

Next in line is Oscar, an adorably silly, sweet-hearted little boy who is also a tornado of unfathomable destruction. Cannot physically travel from the house to the van alone without getting soaked and/or filthy. Has an infectious belly laugh, but if you hear it coming from another room, drop everything and immediately go see what he’s up to. Will carry on conversations with anyone, friend or complete stranger.

Favourite things: Lightning McQueen; Lightning McQueen toy cars; Lightning McQueen Lego; his pet stuffed lamb (aka “Lamby”); stealing bites of my blueberry bagel.

Motto: “I’m not cute, I’m dangerous.”

Maliah came to us a year ago and has changed our world completely. Was born deaf, but had cochlear implant surgery last month and will be activated this week; has no idea yet how noisy her brothers are. Is extremely good at amusing herself – balloons, towels, screen doors and her own fingers all make her laugh. Often attaches herself to my leg, especially when I’m wearing basketball shorts. Which is very sweet except when I’m trying to walk. Like Oscar, also enjoys stealing my food.

Favourite things: Lip gloss; shiny jewelry; flinging toys, toast and tupperware across the room.

Gideon, the youngest, is Mr. Social. Will smile and/or yell at strangers in public until they acknowledge his incomparable cuteness. Follows his brothers from room to room. At eight weeks old, giggled hysterically when Xander stuck green beans up his nose. Can instantly cure a bad mood by smiling and laughing at practically anything you say. Makes caveman noises when he eats.  Also tries to steal my food.

Favourite things: Cheerios; his stuffed bunny; his siblings; your undivided attention.


5 responses to “Meet Team Lucas

  1. What a cool wee family you have Chad, sounds like you’ve happily got your hands full! I’m currently working in Thailand with Burmese refugee kids and theres definately a couple I’d like to take home with me in a years time. You sound like the kind of person I’d appreciate reading my blog and sharing your thoughts.. if you’ve got time that is!

  2. Your descriptions seem to have captured them completely. Definitely the coolest, most curious, ‘incomparably cute’ crew around.

  3. Favourite toy? I spend an embarrassing amount of time playing games on our iPod Touch lately. And Shawna is obsessed with a real estate website called ViewPoint. She loves spying inside other people’s houses.

  4. Man the bit about Xander saying. “Soon I’ll be smart enough to control you with my mind,” made me roll with belly laughter. Thanks for that.

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